Are You A Leader?

According to my analytics, if you’re reading or listening to this, you are. Leadership is a widely misunderstood word, conjuring up images of highly successful people doing big things. But if that was the only definition, we’d be in big trouble. Great leadership may happen in very small venues, in families, under other leadership, in small volunteer organizations that care. Listen in or read more here.

Leadership has been described by the greats, Dale Carnegie, Zig Ziglar, John Maxwell – but I’d like to explore a situation I see much more prevalent today in local business and nonprofits.

Our communities need leadership to mentor and nurture new leadership.

Leaders are often entrepreneurs, but not always. NOT all entrepreneurs are leaders. That represents a big problem in our culture, because our businesses and organizations can’t grow if we do everything ourselves. It’s unhealthy, and we burnout.

  • A great leader is NOT the only one in the business who can get everything done.
  • A great leader does not ignore the needs of their team to perform better by neglecting their proper, regular instruction – because they’re too busy doing everything.
  • A great leader doesn’t neglect their own instruction and improvement- because they don’t have time.

If we don’t have enough time and we don’t have enough money, we can’t impact our companies, communities or families the way we’re supposed to.

I believe a leader recognizes that money and time are not options, but mandatory aspects of every given day. A leader isn’t a slave to money and time, but rather a master of their use.

How can a company grow without a proactive leader developing and requiring systems to meet the needs of expansion?

How can a business owner effectively develop and require systems for expansion without being a proactive, engaged leader?

How can your organization present a cohesive message to a growing audience without a system in place to train them to do so? Who would train them to do so?

The leader.

If you’re operating on a thin dime and can’t see how to change it – and don’t have time to change it – you need to be subscribing to The Richardson Copywriter. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be sharing baseline operations involved with prospecting, team management, email communications for lead generation and customer retention, and much more. With some focused effort, you can start to see real changes within your organization and begin leading the rewarding lifestyle you know you could have if you just had more _________.

Then make a decision to spend at least 2 hours every week letting a business coach lead you out of the rut that is stealing from you. Your community needs you to be a leader in business.

And you can be! Let’s turn this ship around.

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