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Time to Update Your Copy

HaventHadYourBestDayYetWhen’s the last time you took a good hard look at your copy? Great copy is the ONLY way you’ll close a sale online, and because of its convincing nature, it needs to be revised to reflect current ‘human speak’ rather frequently.

Copy is language that should be found on your sales pages – that’s your services, product, author and speaker pages. It should be written to specifically guide your website visitor to call for an appointment immediately, press the ‘buy’ button, or sign up for your download or email newsletter. The FIRST thing you should do when you review your copy, is to see if it compels you to do those things. If it’s not strong enough, you have a problem.

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Focus Content For Better Results

Our biggest mistake in business is small thinking. We tend to think bigger things will happen ‘when.’ This is your chance to LEAP over the imaginary ‘when’ brick wall.

The Richardson Copywriter - Focused Content Gets Better Results

This list of questions should help you develop a consistent, interesting and impactful (isn’t that what we all want?) editorial calendar you actually get excited to accomplish.

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Let’s Quit Calling It Blogging

Susan Hamilton presenting at DFW Rocks Social Media.Have YOU ever purchased from someone because of what you read on their blog?

Since 2006 I’ve been blogging for local and national audiences all over our great country.

When my sister Shari and I went into business together in 2007 to open a national, full-service marketing agency, it was during a pivotal time in digital marketing history.

People had just learned that they could not only have a website built, but have it show up in search results, too.

We knew that the average local small business owner was skeptical of this, and we knew we would have to charge fees they wouldn’t understand to do the job for them well.

Our iron-clad, seal-the-deal proposals had proof that what we offered would not only work, but continue to improve. At the time, we thought there was only one way to do that, and only one thing we needed to gain our valuable clients’ continued trust. Analytics and reporting. NO one else offered that at the level we were offering it to the smaller business sector we were offering it to.

We reported to our clients everything we had done the prior month and the results they achieved from those efforts. We reported any of our concerns and recommendations going forward, and we gave them a list of things they could do to promote themselves and get the most out of what we were doing.

They loved it! And we got results. But scouring our analytics one day, we began to recognize something else …

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Put Your Game Faces on And Win at Content Creation

Last week I introduced you to gamification, the overall idea and prescription for the intense need we have to turn everything into a game.

Monica Cornetti has been taking the corporate world by storm internationally, and the moment I heard her message I knew I had to share it with YOU.

WHY? Because I believe so strongly in the American backbone. One nation, under God. WE the people, and all of that. I’m intensely idealistic, and I guess that makes me ridiculous, too. But I’ve seen a few things in my life, and so have YOU. We know how hard it is to make a difference, but we choose to act, regardless of the impending struggle.

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Don’t Use Content To Manipulate Search Results

EXCEPTIONAL infographic from Leaping Walls Consulting & ServicesMany business owners think  they should blog because they have now been convinced that search engines need it in order to show their website on search results.

That ‘spaghetti to the wall’ approach is NOT effective at ALL!

No wonder they get frustrated and feel like they’ve wasted valuable time.

Friends, while it’s true you need content to improve your search engine results, it’s entirely possible – and highly likely – that if you don’t know what your content is truly for, you still will not see results. OR you’ll get results you don’t want.

Like people who call you for the lowest prices. IF your phone rings.

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