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Amazing Free Tool To Use Facebook For Lead Generation

Facebook for lead generation.Sick of claims that Facebook ‘Likes’ will somehow help you grow your business, when you know darn well those people don’t buy from you?

Hey, you can get so much more from Facebook, IF you think about your end game. Are you wanting more ‘Likes’, more interaction, or would you like to generate more leads? In my opinion, turning your ‘Likes’ into leads is the smartest way to go. Read More →

Why Email Marketing Doesn’t Stand Alone

Email Marketing StrategyEmail marketing is tremendously effective. Most people don’t realize that an active email subscriber is 50% closer to buying from you, voting for you, donating to you – or even coming to Jesus – than all social media groups combined. That’s a bold statement, but here’s why it matters to your business or non-profit.

The key is the term ‘active subscriber’. An active subscriber opens your emails. In America today, too many businesses and most non profits have no idea if their emails are getting opened, or even more important, if anyone is clicking through the link that should be in it.

Listen in.

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