Common SEO Errors, And How They Affect Your Business

As I share with you frequently, your content is the major player here. You have to set yourself apart, and your searchers need a ‘value prop’ – but let’s be clear, no one is deciding to just check out your blog today. Or your website, for that matter. Do YOU ever just decide to go read someone’s business blog?

What’s more likely:

  • A need got you searching, or
  • You saw an interesting title or intro that got your attention on social media.

Watch this short video from Google, and then let’s talk a little about it.

Maile Ohye from Google covers the five most common errors she finds in SEO, and gives you six quick tips to to help you out.

Also, one thing I think we can all do much better is to get the same current sales information consistent throughout the company. We’ve ALL gone to the store only to find the item that was on sale online wasn’t on sale in the store. That’s a BAD user experience, but plumbers, hvac technicians and others frequently have no idea what’s current on their blog.

That means they can’t refer people to their blog. That’s cutting off your hands, my friends. Your techs should always be sending people to your website and blog, it builds credibility with your ideal customer, the only kind you really want to work with.

I still hear many business owners and managers think they need to do something BIG with their keywords, believing that sheer numbers of them help their websites to be seen. NO, my friends, your copy and your content should flow naturally, and be interesting. Interesting enough to share, in fact.

Remember, you’re never talking to robots when you blog! Visualize your very real, ideal customer, sitting with you and talking about their project. What are their questions? You already know. Answer them with your content and you will make massive strides towards your website visibility.

And one more thing, add humor!! You experience weird, crazy, funny stuff all the time in your business. Share those pictures, stories and videos on your blog and make your visitors ‘rock stars’ when they share about you on social media.

Friends, I’ve been thinking about you. I want you to get great at content, because when you get amazing at it, you’ll know your customer better than your competition or anyone else. That serves you well! Getting consistent with the right message will absolutely change your life in business, so go check out my newest program, Social Content For Bloggers, Speakers & Authors and discover how to do that.

This is NOT a techie course; this is bite sized, intensive training that will get you over that brick wall you’ve been running into for so long. GO check Social Content For Bloggers, Speakers & Authors today.

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