Don’t Take The Bait

Networking The OffBeat Business ShowWOW. What a year.

Friends, I hope you’re looking back over last year with a smile and a deep sigh. It was worth it. We worked hard growing our businesses and sharpening our communication skills.

And look where we are today! 12 months is really a short period of time, but it’s the same amount of time any of us has in a year. We all have 60 seconds in any given minute. We all have 24 hours in a day.
Some of us went through heartache, loss, dysfunction or illness that may have made us feel like we somehow have LESS time than everyone else – but I want to assure you, everyone deals with the stuff of life.

Entrepreneurs also grow businesses at the same time.

You may feel like you’ve done less than others, but in reality, you’ve done much more. In The 15 Invaluable Laws Of Growth by John C. Maxwell, John shares The Law of Reflectionbecause learning to pause allows growth to catch up with you.

“Reflection turns experience into insight.”

He advises us to take our experiences and put them in the slow cooker of our minds to simmer for a while. You can listen to this post here.
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He reminds us that every person who ever made a considerable impact on the world, took many hours of reflection in the process.

TIFA Rally Austin TexasI want to encourage you to do the unpopular. Pause. Reflect. Learn, redirect and move forward refreshed and excited. I’m writing this on December 26th, to go out in Saturday morning’s weekly newsletter. Every other company out there is jumping in already to get ahead of 2015. Don’t take the bait. Stop, pause, reflect – and when you can just begin to SEE it, move forward with confidence. Don’t wait till you see the whole picture, it’s being drawn as you step. What faith does it take to walk into something you can see?

Don’t LEAP in with old intentions, with the same old mindsets that limit your expectations to the numbers you’ve been used to. Growth will REQUIRE a faith step, a stretch. Set your eyes on something just out of reach because nothing short of that will cause you to grow.

You absolutely MUST know where you’ve been so you can set the bar higher next year. What did your customers most care about? During what time of year? Go through your notes. Go through last year’s content. Where can you improve? What procedures did you put into practice to help you meet your goals? Did you skip this step? Don’t make that mistake again. Reflect.

Thank you for taking this journey with me. The offices of Hamilton & Hamilton Consulting, LLC, including Leaping Walls Consulting & Services and The OffBeat Business Show are closed until January 6th. But when we get back, here’s what you can look forward to:

January – Email Content Mastery, Goals and Timelines, Editorial Calendar Development
February – Make Money While You Sleep, Email Marketing Techniques
March – Developing Authority In The Marketplace, Maximizing Your Content With Email

And here’s our ALL-Star lineup for The OffBeat Business Show:

January 6th – Terry Hill teaches us about the ‘Science of Happiness’ and why it’s important to really think out your financial goals with purpose.

January 13th – John Nosal, CEO of SEO shares some basic SEO principles and easy things you can do RIGHT now to improve your website search results. You may be surprised!

January 20th – Social media superstar and coach, Lissa Duty, takes the fear out of social engagement with some simple tips and clears up common misconceptions most people struggle with.

January 27th – Life coach and author, Taylor Kay Stephens, shares her powerful story – including what she learned about ‘eating an elephant’ that has her in high demand for speaking engagements everywhere! You’ll love this heartfelt interview, don’t miss it.

And The OffBeat Business Magazine is off to a strong start, with features, columns and insights from national and international professionals, bringing C-Level success strategies and lifestyle support for business owners all across America who are ready to enjoy the fruits of their labor!

Until next year, my friends, may God bless your families and your businesses beyond your wildest imaginations!

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