Why Email Marketing Doesn’t Stand Alone

Email Marketing StrategyEmail marketing is tremendously effective. Most people don’t realize that an active email subscriber is 50% closer to buying from you, voting for you, donating to you – or even coming to Jesus – than all social media groups combined. That’s a bold statement, but here’s why it matters to your business or non-profit.

The key is the term ‘active subscriber’. An active subscriber opens your emails. In America today, too many businesses and most non profits have no idea if their emails are getting opened, or even more important, if anyone is clicking through the link that should be in it.

Listen in.

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Email gets a bad rap, and it’s no wonder. We ALL hate spam and toss it without reading it most times. Did you know that after 6 emails, most everyone becomes ‘spam’ – even legitimate emails? Why is that? Because people become calloused and dulled and familiar and no longer open them. If YOUR email marketing campaigns are being ignored, email servers will catch the unopens and flag them as spam.

That’s why it’s so important to clean up your list, which you can’t do if you’re not using an email service provider. Not Gmail. Not Yahoo. Not Hotmail, or even Apple mail. Here’s the flaw in your system:

  • Your list does NOT reside in Outlook or any personal email I listed above.
  • Your list does not reside in your social media follows and likes.
  • Your list resides in an email service provider that tracks opens, click-throughs, complaints and gives you the opportunity to reach out to ‘inactive subscribers’ with a new offer or request to unsubsubscribe.

Leap over brick walls in your business and you might find your family. InfographicYes, you are better off to ask those who no longer open your emails to unsubscribe than you are to keep sending to them because you don’t want to become flagged as spam. The FCC regulates this, and is very careful to protect unwanted email from reaching your intended audience.

Friends, don’t waste your time! Email marketing is a MAJOR component of a marketing strategy that works. But it’s a component. So is social media, so is blogging, so is networking. Any one alone or even a fragmented approach is more trouble than it’s worth.

The infographic above will help you keep front and center the most important parts of your email strategy, but I’ll add, if you don’t send your subscriber back to your website, you’re missing the point! Always encourage your reader to interact on your website to learn more.

Have you ever offered a coupon in an email? Let me know below.

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