Everything Is A SALES Problem!

Maze.No matter how you look at your marketing process, when all is said and done, if you can’t sell it – you’re not going to make money. Today’s seller has big obstacles, and technicians or staff that don’t see themselves as ‘salespersons’ will miss valuable opportunities.

Worse yet, when business owners don’t see them as ‘salespersons’ – WHO is making the sale? Are YOU?

Selling is a SUPER-HUGE aspect of your business, and takes more of your time to learn to do well than you might think. And it’s one thing for you to know and understand how to sell, but quite another to have your staff on board following your strategies for implementation. Most times, a quick sales briefing and a high five are all sales persons have when they walk out the door.

As an entrepreneur with a dream and a goal, you’d better take their training much more seriously than that. Chances are, they are NOT using your preferred methods, opting instead to improvise and missing many opportunities. Listen in or read more here.

Mischieveousness.All too often I speak with a business owner who really gets the strategy, tactics and language of the sale, and after much discussion, they think their staff knows how to proceed. I talk with their struggling team and see the holes in their training.

Here’s where I see huge neglect:

  • No regular, ongoing training that includes role-playing.
  • Lack of appropriate scripting, and managed evolving of that script for effectiveness.
  • Lack of resources, i.e. marketing collateral, or
  • Lack of understanding company-wide social media strategy, and how they can use it to benefit the whole company without junking up their personal streams.

In addition, I see significant barriers to accurate tracking in the home-based and locally owned business communities. Smaller companies tend to verbalize their communication – totally missing the ‘tracking’ aspect. Home-based and local businesses also tend to be family-owned and operated, more prone to discussion than fixed parameters.

“How did that conversation with so-and-so go?”
“It went great, they need this and that and will be calling back to get on the schedule.”

This is NOT a closed sale. And the owner really has no idea why. Maybe it’s the economy, maybe it’s the stock market, maybe that person was only tire-kicking or shopping for price.

While the owner feels like this should be all that is required of a family member on the team, the system lacks an opening, a ‘system’, and a close. No one really knows how many calls should have been closed, and no one really understands why the sale wasn’t made because no particular scripting can be to blame when there isn’t one in force. Scripting is largely the heart of the issue, and can solve many sales problems before a company-wide crisis is happening. An ineffective script can be improved until the number of closings increase, but only if:

  • A script is used regularly,
  • That script is monitored.

That’s necessary data that takes the load off the technician, sales staff or office manager unless they refuse to adhere to it. In the absence of this kind of data, a business owner will spend hours trying to nickel and dime marketing efforts and end up looking less-than-professional, all futile AND frustrating. Would it surprise you to know:

“75% of businesses close their doors because the owners are working too hard for the amount of money coming in.”

~ Jill Konrath, Sales Strategist

There are only 3 ways to make more money.

  • Make more sales
  • Get more customers
  • Get existing customers to buy more

All of this can be improved with an effective sales and marketing strategy that includes using your WordPress website as an integral tool. NOT your ONLY tool.  When you understand the editorial aspect of your message, your team will be armed with necessary backup that will help them appear more professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy.

WordPress instruction and blogging are not the only keys you need, but they are a significant foundation for forward motion once you get your team on board with new sales strategies and marketing techniques. For more information on resources I have for you, go to the ‘Store’ tab, I’ll show you how to get that conversation started.

What brick walls are holding you back? Tell me about them below.

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