Focus Content For Better Results

Our biggest mistake in business is small thinking. We tend to think bigger things will happen ‘when.’ This is your chance to LEAP over the imaginary ‘when’ brick wall.

The Richardson Copywriter - Focused Content Gets Better Results

This list of questions should help you develop a consistent, interesting and impactful (isn’t that what we all want?) editorial calendar you actually get excited to accomplish.

  • What’s the #1 thing your customers ask you for?
  • What’s the ONE service you offer that takes all your time and you don’t make enough money doing it?
  • Are #1 & #2 the same thing? (Hint: THIS must be a major blog focus – a category you hit frequently. Cover it with amazing content, share it on social media, and watch your web stats improve organically and dramatically.)
  • Looking on your city, community or favorite organizational or cause website – what events can you support throughout the year?
  • What events can be coordinated with what you offer or become a new focus for a campaign?

Done in detail, this list will take you approximately 2 hours of uninterrupted focus time. It’s almost March, friends, don’t wait until the first quarter of the year is over to know these key elements to your content strategy.

Remember to contact me for a more personalized experience, but if you prefer to work at a table with up to 9 others to knock your ideas around and get feedback that will take you to the next level, consider my monthly Content Masterminds at our Plano location. These are ideal for those of you who prefer a 3 hour intensive workshop over a one on one, and serve as a safe place to share with others who are all at different levels of their own content development and deployment.

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