We’re Lousy At Communication!

Communication-is-important-Richardson-CopywriterCan we all agree – we ALL struggle with communication on some level? We have trouble communicating with the people we love. We have trouble communicating with the people we work with. We have trouble communicating with people we don’t like so much. We have trouble communicating with our families, our customers and our social media acquaintances.

We struggle saying things right. Speakers are better at it than most. We struggle to write it down correctly or accurately – but authors are a little better at it. Authors are good at telling stories. That doesn’t mean they can have a conversation.

And speakers are good at getting a point across, but that doesn’t mean they can translate their message into an effective written communication that would have the same effect.

Admit it. We’ve hurt people’s feelings and overlooked their perspectives and deliberately manipulated people to see things our way. Some of it was unintentional … Listen in:
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The Richardson Copywriter says, "Be a better listener."We take 50 videos before we settle on the one we want to use. We re-record our audios until the passion sounds no longer authentic, but ‘canned’.

Even on our best communicating days, days when we’re ‘on FIRE’, we go to bed and replay the possible misconceptions that may be lurking just out of reach.

If we could just say it or do it RIGHT, and be understood!

But that thought process is exactly why we fail. While occasionally we will be the victim of someone’s uncharacteristic assessment of what we tried to say or write, more often than not – it’s our misunderstanding that doped up the whole thing. We’re so busy trying to be understood.

And if this doesn’t apply to you, forgive me. I’ve worked with so many people over the years that I’ve come to this conclusion quite naturally. The ONLY way we can communicate with other people is to love them enough to truly want to know how THEY feel regarding any subject matter we possess.

What you have to say matters. What you know is important. How it helps them is the point. But unless you can relate to them at whatever point THEY are at, you’re just noise. Irritating noise, if they don’t like you or know you to begin with. Forgiven noise, if they respect you anyway. But don’t you want to be more than noise? Don’t you want to make a difference? Don’t you want to save your customers the grief they might experience if they make the wrong decision or pay too much or hurt themselves or ignore something important?

That’s why so many struggle with blogging. You feel like you don’t really know what you’re doing. You feel like you’re shouting in the dark. You feel like you’re giving your secrets away. You feel like if you pour your heart into it, and no one sees it, you’ve wasted your time. And that makes you feel useless, and lied to, and scammed.

But we have to try harder to understand our audience. We have to try harder to listen to what they’re really saying. We have to pay attention to the language we’re using, and test it routinely – being willing to change it if it proves ineffective.

Marketing and sales work together, and the content you produce has a purpose. Content moves people, real live people, to your landing page or ‘squeeze’ page (I hate that term) so that a pre-sale action or sale occurs.

A pre-sale action is:

  • They give you their email
  • They call for more information
  • They click to learn more, discover more, or get the free whatever
  • They leave a comment on a social post or blog post and share it. (Very ‘pre-’, but still ‘pre-’)

Your sale may be money, but it may be a scheduled appointment or booking with money to follow.

My latest program, Social Content For Bloggers, Speakers & Authors was created with the hundreds of people I’ve worked with over the years in mind. I believe this program is the training necessary to make a difference with the content you provide – the very necessary, SEO encouraging, and wallet opening difference your audience needs to know about you, your company, your products and your services.

I don’t want you wasting your time at a blog. Ever. I want you to recognize that you can have an influence over your income generation when your ideal customers are treated like they’re the most important thing in your business. When even the tire-kickers find the things they need, without ever having to pay for it. You CAN’T fake it! You can outsource your content, but without an agency extremely connected to your business, you will have a hard time enjoying the full benefits of content. Truly, to be good at it, you have to be an intense, eager listener – and get amazing at giving your audience exactly what they want.

Slapping keywords on a page will never matter. Even if it worked for traffic, which it doesn’t, you won’t close a sale like that and your bounce rate will be through the roof.

Get my Social Content For Bloggers, Speakers & Authors Program a 5 – module, no-tech program to start getting really good at content creation, deployment, and strategy. Go check it out.

What are YOUR blogging issues? Tell me about it below.

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