HELP! How Do I Make More Money, I’m Out Of Time!

Money stresses.The issue isn’t that you’re NOT doing enough, you know. Why do we always think that doing more will make more money come in? It never works, but I don’t know ANYONE who hasn’t gone through a cycle of thinking like that at least a couple of times – sometimes CONSTANTLY – during the course of their entrepreneurship.

Eventually you get to a spot where if you did work harder or work more, you’d never do anything else! Friends, don’t let your company be the only thing in your life. It’s a big, fat, hairy lie. People who have gone before us and others who mentor me now, making the money that we all want to see in our futures, say the exact. Same. Thing. Listen in or read more here.


The magic sauce you’re looking for can’t even get near you with your elbows in the air like that. It takes ‘forced time off’ to see beyond your circumstance. Every productivity expert knows this. It’s what makes consultants and coaches a LOT of money. People really struggle with ‘letting go’. We can’t get past bad relationships, we can’t get over cravings, we can’t we can’t we can’t …

Wait a minute. Did you see that? Isn’t ‘can’t’ running around in your head and off your tongue just a little too easily? It’s time to write a new song.

So could ‘busy’ be a prison? I teach in prisons and jails. I know what bondage looks like. Many think it’s bars and brick walls, but the truth is that bondage goes deeper than that. It goes into our very hearts, minds, and spirits. In my opinion, it starts with not taking any control of our thought lives. We DON’T have to think every thought that comes through our noggin.

Taking a step back allows us to really think about what we’re thinking about, and gives us an opportunity to get the bad information out and CHOOSE to put good information in. The decision to do that is first. The ‘right information’ is the second decision to make. Don’t settle for what’s popular and what’s trending. Go for sound, common-sense, actionable mentorship that’s stood the test of time. My favorites are Zig Ziglar and his son, Tom, as well as Dan Kennedy, Perry Marshall and Sandi Krakowski. I get information from only a select few, and I don’t take it in all at once!

Some local professionals I defer to are Lissa Duty for social media advice, Butch Bellah for sales training, and Jeff Klein for speaking information and venues. ALL making waves with serious direction, focus, and duty. And I almost forgot my business mentor and sounding board, Jean-ann Cooper.

Take a break in the park.I know who I can count on and where I can find them. They answer the phone, they are available at networking events, and they communicate their value well. If I need something, they provide it – referrals, advice, services. They could NOT do this at the computer all day or pining away working ‘in’ their businesses. No. You have to learn how to rise up over it, and see it from above.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, not only from my experience as a business woman, but from other successful people around me, that working SMARTER is the ONLY option – and you cannot work smarter without the ability to back away from the machine.

Go take a break, give yourself permission to take a couple of days. You’ll be more productive in less time and make more money.

When you die, your life will be reduced to two numbers on a stone. Live inside the dashed line.

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