How To Develop Content When YOU’RE The Product

Forrest & Cindy Ward, Julie Blair, Robin Roberson, and Susan HamiltonCoaches and speakers often have trouble promoting themselves online. Most don’t want to be too self-aggrandizing, so they tend to severely limit the content they could be sharing. Others, well … they’re just FULL of ‘I’m the greatest thing since sliced bread’ content – and after a while, they learn that they’re not attracting the leads they would really like to work with, if at all.

Let me share some common struggles I see, and give you some solutions you can start using right away.

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For instance, one of my speaker clients works directly with speaker bureaus and event promoters. She gets concerned that offering content on her blog is silly, because none of those people will read her blog and hire her based on her efforts there. She’s right, in a way. No one will go to her blog to hire her. But that’s not the main point of a blog, and a blog limited to text-only posts won’t be as easily shared among her zillions of social followers who her event planners WILL notice. This year we’ll be exploring video and audio to showcase her charm and effectiveness in a whole new way.

Susan Hamilton, Content Coach.Another of my speaker clients teaches speaking courses to C-level employees, sales teams, and storytellers. He offers TONS of content, most of it great stuff, but uses only text emails to deliver it. It leads back to his social platforms, and he’s the consummate professional in those arenas, but until he directs his readers to other content on his website, the online ‘cred’ goes to those platforms. After decades in the industry, he’ll have no link reputation to his website when it’s finally live, and have to develop a very aggressive strategy to develop that same relevance to his name.

I also coach some health and beauty coaches, who pay me to help them organize their content into a sales strategy. Great information doesn’t get out on it’s own, it’s takes the whole enchilada of content strategy to develop authority in your niche. How do you share what you know well enough to charge for, without giving away for free what others are paying you to teach them?

It’s a fine line. And it hinges on strategy.

If what you offer your clients fits into one of those categories, and you struggle with what to produce to encourage more business interest online, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Content is NOT just blogs and emails. It’s also video, audio, branded infographics and humorous images.

If you’re wanting to make a name for yourself, don’t focus on event organizers and bureau groups. Instead, focus on the next level of content consumer – the audience you would be in front of if they hired you. Let them see how you deliver your message and how you engage the room. This type of content will be endearing, and extremely shareable online in short, 2-minute segments of your highlights. Professionally edited and branded is best, but not everyone starting out can afford those caviar elements. If you’re good at presenting your messages, consider smartphone apps like SoundCloud for recording audio, and YouTube Capture for video.

Developing online authority is a bigee for coaches. They have to be able to prove they can deliver, but not give away the farm. Instead, develop content around a particular common misconception. Once you have several videos, audios, infographics (use to do this for FREE) surrounding your main message, develop and SELL your main message. Develop several content ‘wheels’ like this, offering different price points to accommodate buyers in different stages of the buying cycle. Your greatest accomplishment won’t be your bank account, though it will be pretty. Your greatest accomplishment will be the relationships you build as you continue to help your students master the areas of their lives that have been holding them back. Truly rewarding work.

I share all this and more in my latest and greatest program to date, Social Content For  Bloggers, Speakers & Authors. Watch for it to be released in October, it will revolutionize the way you’ve been thinking about content AND content delivery!

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