Sharing The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned

Content Creation on The Richardson Copywriter.The single most important rule-of-thumb I’ve learned to follow when I create my editorial calendar is … *drumroll* …

Keep It SIMPLE. Divide your year into four quarters and stay on ONE topic for each quarter. Then simply divide your months into more focused aspects of that ONE topic.

Here’s why that’s such valuable information for the highly-paid coach and consultant – or any other business that wants to develop authority in the marketplace.

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Staying on that ONE topic over three months makes you excellent at delivery. That’s right. You want to be able to seal the deals that land in your lap all the time without faltering or losing your customer’s confidence in your services. Sure, we all do. The difference is how well you can CONVEY the subject matter you know so well – as it relates to their biggest concerns and desires.

As you’ve heard me say before, that means being the very best listener you can be.

See, we learn through repetition. We have to hear things, read things, be exposed to mindsets over and over and over again before we really get it. When I was just beginning to coordinate my own material, I really battled with myself over this. I didn’t want to be redundant or sound like a broken record.

But I learned the opposite is true. My clients need to know I consistently have what they need. As I stay focused on ONE main topic for three months, I listen to what they ask me within that subject. I address each of the months within that quarter to those needs and concerns.

For instance, my fourth quarter of the year I always cover content.

People don’t understand what content actually is, why they need it or how to create it so that it actually helps them without wasting their time. Staying on that topic allows me to really cover their issues with clear direction and time saving tips to help them put those puzzle pieces together! The result? They call me for coaching because they know they know they can learn from me.

January, February and March I teach on all the aspects relating to successful email campaign development, and I start with this lesson – mastering the editorial calendar.

The first year is revelatory. Truly. You’ll learn quite a bit about your customers. In fact, I believe this approach is what separates the masters from the novices. Every year you return to the previous year’s correlating month for review. Look at your analytics, look at any and all tangible results, including feedback and testimonials. Then, as you continue the following year, you add to your library of insightful, helpful information that you have now become so well versed in, you can deliver a speech, write a book or conduct your classes with authority, skill and grace.

In addition, you’ll have much more blog and email content to deliver on your subject matter. Simply refine and edit your last year’s content to reflect what you’ve learned since the prior year, and add your new insights to additional material. Now, instead of struggling to deliver every week, you can easily double your production.

I use Google Drive to keep my content past, present and future within my immediate grasp at all times. Go to to watch my free webinars on this, I think you’ll really enjoy them.

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