Have A Truly Joyful Christmas and Business!

Merry Christmas, friends. I am so thankful the opportunity to coach you in the miracle of graced communication, and so thankful for your participation with me as we grow our businesses beyond our imaginations. Thank you for your continued trust in my services.

If you take away nothing else from me this year, take these with you wherever you go. They are primary to your success.

Enjoy your family – easy or not. They were given to you to love. Enough said.

Don’t LET your business run YOU.

Run your business with strategy and foresight DAILY.

Put our Savior in charge, He gave you the gift of the Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth. You can’t lose like that. Get it wrong? He guides you back. NEVER forget that we think success looks like this:

Wrong idea of success, graphic by Leaping Walls Consulting and Services


When in fact, it looks like this:

Real Success, graphic by Leaping Walls Coaching Services

Did you know an airplane flying from DFW to La Guardia doesn’t fly in a straight line? No, it continually corrects its course until it reaches its ‘expected end.’ Isn’t that what He promised us in Jeremiah? Let Him guide your course, He’s teaching you how to be excellent so the success He wants for you (which is bigger than you want for yourself, by far) won’t break you.

Realize He supports you through good counsel. Surround yourself with those He puts in your path with the insight you need to get you to the next level. We’re all here to serve each other. No one operates a business in a vacuum.

Too often, we think it’s our skill, our talent and our intellect that propel us. They’re not. While those gifts will help you on your way, the recognition that business doesn’t happen by itself – inside OR out – is a HUGE revelation. He gave you the vision, and He gave you everything you need to go with it. Humble yourself to counsel.

The Holy Spirit reveals to you ALL Truth, not just some of it, and you need to trust the peace in your heart when you know you’re hearing truth and allow IT to guide you. Not your lack of money. Not your lack of time. What faith is required if you allow the constraints of money and time to make your choices for you? He IS your provision. Wisely seek counsel that causes you to step outside of your comfort zone, and let Him know you’re depending on Him to finance it. He will. Every time. Trust Him first, or none of this experience will matter at all. Walk by faith, not by sight. Without faith, it’s impossible to please our loving God.

Friends, you get what you pay for. If you never sow a seed into your business, it cannot grow.

Jesus is the reason for this season we celebrate.

His first words in His public ministry were a proclamation of good news to the poor (you don’t have to be poor anymore) opening of blind eyes (actual sight to the blind, but also trust your internal vision) and freedom from bondage and oppression (you’re no longer held by anything but your mind. Health, money, relationships and business don’t have to hold you hostage anymore.) Find it in Luke 4. But those closest to Him, His family and His people – they couldn’t see it. He couldn’t perform any miracles there. We’re bound by our unbelief.

God bless you and your family. God bless your business. Thank you again for helping me to reach my personal goals in business as I seek to bring the Kingdom of God into our prison systems. Because of you, I get to serve each week through the Texas HOPE Literacy Program, bi-annually through the Bill Glass Champions For Life program, and as often as possible in-between.

Build your Kingdom goals into your business.

Pray thankfulness about them daily. Read your Bible with His guidance, and redeem the land as Jesus did every time you seek His direction first.

Have a very merry and joyful Christmas, my friends.

You are highly valuable! This sweet baby was born to us, the Son of the living God, to model His love for us and to pay for every sin we would ever commit. He did this to de-throne the enemy of man, so that we could have life more abundantly. Too many don’t know this. Too many Christian people have no idea we have the authority to use the name of Jesus to request of God anything and it be done for us. If you don’t know the love of the Savior, I pray you would ask Him for an intimate relationship with Him – because He’ll do it. You’ll spend the rest of your life understanding that He is our greatest Gift.

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