Listen, It’s Good For You

Chasing money.Grab a cup of coffee and sit down, my friend. Let’s chat about a routine day you might experience at work in your very own company.

I see you constantly busy. As a matter of fact, several employees have been wanting to talk with you about some pretty important stuff, but they don’t want to interfere with your priorities.

They’ve attempted these conversations with you several times, but get the ‘closed’ responses that let them know you’re just not interested in acting on a different point of view.

You’ve developed standard answers to deal with real problems that you just don’t want to address … listen in or read more here.

I get it, you know. It’s not that you don’t WANT to address these problems, only that you don’t see how you can do anything about them YET. There’s going to be a time when that opportunity opens up – like when there’s more money available or when the timing in the economy is better or when there’s a more consistent cash flow you can count on – I get it.

Find your way to happiness.Can I just tell you there’s a few things I’ve learned over the years? There are two things that will never materialize on any timeline. ‘Ready’ and ‘Done’. They don’t exist. The truth of the matter is, unless you make steps to consciously walk in the direction of the things you can’t see yet, you’ll never get there. New ideas represent the things you can’t see yet.

Friend, you have one responsibility in business. To be the best, offer the best, make enough money to be generous and have enough time to be generous with it. In a nutshell, to be successful. That’s not a critique, that’s a friendly reminder. What if that underling of yours has a great idea that would work, if you put some feet to it? Have you thought about mapping it out, and have you considered the possibility that maybe with your approval, endorsement and refinement – it could be the thing that generates the consistent cash flow you desire?

I know it will take some work, but work in that direction is the only work that will change your squirrel cage approach to business. You have an excellent company, and have built this thing on a strong foundation, one brick at a time. But every plant that bears fruit needs water, sunlight and nutrients. It’s not enough to live off of one season of growth, there isn’t enough to go around. That’s not the vision you had for your business, and I don’t think you have to get stuck there.

There’s still time, you know. This ship can get turned around and pointed in a more lucrative direction. People need each other. You need to take some time to get out of your company and look at it from above it, like you’re playing with LEGOs™. What do you want it to look like? Get with a coaching group, get out and network, find people that will pour into you so you can have enough to pour back out into your business. We all need to be part of a community that forages ahead with solid leadership – or we won’t. We can’t give what we’re not getting ourselves.

I see you nodding your head. C’mon, let’s design the company – and the life – you really want.

Tell me, if your company was right now the way you dream about it – what would it look like? Share your vision below.

I live for this stuff. I want to see you succeed more than anything, because I know that when you have a successful company, so does every company that does business with you. That’s the activity that will put America back to work.

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