Losing Customers Has NEVER Been Easier!

Restaraunt patrons, Leaping Walls Consulting & Services.We get bombarded by messages that make us feel like if we’re not getting the sales we want, we must not be doing this online ‘friendly’ thing correctly, am I right? I mean, it’s all about relationship marketing; it’s all we ever hear.

But we KNOW that everyone on Facebook and Pinterest is NOT our friend or our customer.

How are we supposed to look at marketing dollars and time spent there as anything but nonsense?

What happened to advertising your products and services and attracting the customers that need your stuff? Fair and square, straightforward. Who has time to do this social stuff? We have businesses to run.

Read more and listen in below.

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Can I just remind you that people didn’t change, communication did? In every era of American business, when the culture changed, businesses had to adapt. Relationship marketing has more to do with getting your copy (marketing language), sequencing, and response management systematized and relevant. It has to do with superior customer service – using social to be certain you don’t miss opportunities to solve problems your audience will tell you they’re facing.

Information flows at top speed. Case in point, I’m a member of my neighborhood social media platform – NextDoor.com. With over 1800 members in my neighborhood, directly adjacent to strip malls on every corner, when a restaurant manager defaces the wait staff in front of customers – we ALL know it, in record time. I can’t tell you how many people ask for referrals for plumbers, contractors, doctors and more, or how many restaurant reviews are freely given without any prompting whatsoever. It’s a GOLD MINE of information.

Lady at the dentist, Leaping Walls Consulting & Services.Today’s customer can go anywhere, and they know it. They’d like to support local, but they won’t spend their money checking out a place with a bad review from a neighbor. Today’s customer isn’t only shopping for repairs and remodels based on price. They want to know who they can trust in their home and who will do a great job at a reasonable fee. They’re willing to pay more with a trusted referral.

If you are unwilling to put your finger on the pulse of your relationships by going that extra mile online, you’re missing out on being the exceptional in a sea of ordinary. There isn’t any advertising more effective than that. We want to know about you, sure, but we want to know from others – and from your messages – that you care about US.

Becoming a familiar brand online has it’s challenges, but it’s an investment that will pay off for a very long time. Why? Because of data. Familiarity and relevance are exactly what search engines are looking for. The more you share what others are looking for, specifically because you’re offering solutions to their problems, the more data you give them for advertising. Search engines will continue to dish up what people are talking about as long as they’re talking about it, sharing it, and ‘Liking’ it.

This restaurant I mentioned? If they understand the value of their social footprint, they’ll make mention of a disciplinary action and apology – along with free appetizers for a week – on NextDoor.com, and people all over our neighborhood will return in droves. If they don’t respond, they’ll lose BIG time. What business can afford to be oblivious of public opinion?

People are talking, do everything you can to make sure what they’re saying about you is good.

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