Does Your One Small Voice Make a Difference?

Butch Bellah Quote.What keeps you working at your dream?

It’s been a long week. You’ve been busting your tail to take care of the family and your business – some of you even have a full or part-time job while you work on your dream. Sometimes, it’s all you can do to finish that last task, am I right?

Did Saturday morning find you with still more to do? A few straggling details from last week that you’ll spend your early morning on?

It won’t always be like that, you know. You’ve been swimming upstream for a long time. You’ve been willing to do the hard stuff. You’ve been taking your training seriously, and even though sometimes life gets in the way, you always manage to push yourself a little harder to make a difference.

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Because it’s not enough that you become successful. It’s not enough that you’re starting to see that hard earned income rolling in. No, you’re one of the excellent ones. You want to know you’ve made a significant difference in the way our lives ARE.

You want people to be healthy. You want kids to get off drugs and become accountable leaders. You want seniors and veterans to get the attention and care they deserve after a life of taking care of the rest of us. You want to love every stray animal that you see and protect every child in danger. You want to know our representatives have our back, and you’d like to see it all come together with a little cash left over in the bank.

As a matter of fact, one of those topics is probably pretty well versed at your kitchen table. Life probably taught you more than your fair share about something that those around you respect you for standing up for.

Is that YOU? Do you have a ‘knowing in your knower’ that makes everything you do come together? Do you participate in the solutions? Because I want you to know that you must.

“Knowing what you know, what will you do?”

Your content starts the conversation. Video, audio, infographics, branded images, text – like this – all contribute to the story that is being laid out before you. And if you’re not contributing your audible voice to the content pool called a search engine, the only voices out there are negative, finger-pointing and harassing, and doing NOTHING to improve the situation.

I want you to take 10 minutes today, turn on a silent timer, and dump everything you know about that subject you talk about at the kitchen table onto a piece of paper. Not everything you ‘think’ about a subject, but everything you actually KNOW. Tie it into the language of your business. How does it relate? Dig into that. Because it DOES. And more people will relate to you in truth than you can imagine when you bridge this gap.

Does your one small voice make a difference? You bet it does. But there’s a learning curve, and you need to get started.

It might be time to start Content Mastermind.

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