Let’s Quit Calling It Blogging

Susan Hamilton presenting at DFW Rocks Social Media.Have YOU ever purchased from someone because of what you read on their blog?

Since 2006 I’ve been blogging for local and national audiences all over our great country.

When my sister Shari and I went into business together in 2007 to open a national, full-service marketing agency, it was during a pivotal time in digital marketing history.

People had just learned that they could not only have a website built, but have it show up in search results, too.

We knew that the average local small business owner was skeptical of this, and we knew we would have to charge fees they wouldn’t understand to do the job for them well.

Our iron-clad, seal-the-deal proposals had proof that what we offered would not only work, but continue to improve. At the time, we thought there was only one way to do that, and only one thing we needed to gain our valuable clients’ continued trust. Analytics and reporting. NO one else offered that at the level we were offering it to the smaller business sector we were offering it to.

We reported to our clients everything we had done the prior month and the results they achieved from those efforts. We reported any of our concerns and recommendations going forward, and we gave them a list of things they could do to promote themselves and get the most out of what we were doing.

They loved it! And we got results. But scouring our analytics one day, we began to recognize something else …

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We were looking for a way to be more effective at closing our monthly service agreements with clients that opted out of those services. Between the sweet emails we got on a regular basis, the referrals we got from clients using our monthly services AND the analytics – it came to our attention that the bloggers, whether they had more website visitors or not, ABSOLUTELY had more business and more consistent business and brought in more revenue as a result of blogging.

That data was directly in line with what others in our industry were noticing as well.

Why? What we learned, my friends, is that when you know what you’re doing, you attract more higher paying customers and build authority in the marketplace – with peers AND referrals that are ready to pay for services they trust.

This month, I’m offering my presentation on 5 Ways To Make Blogging SUPER Fun And SUPER EZ to kick off your year with the insight you need to be successful in this area.

I’ve trained businesses on blogging in every industry you can imagine. Coaches, lawyers, hair salons, plumbers, dieticians, manufacturing, professional speakers, insurance agents – the list goes on.

Here’s just a sample of what they tell me:

“Wow, Susan what an awesome session I had with you yesterday and the interview this morning – it was above and beyond what I expected! You helped get me unstuck and pointed me in the right direction. You are so easy to work with and you made it so enjoyable!”

~ Taylor Kay Stephens

“Today I had the pleasure of attending a Workshop led by Susan Hamilton of LeapingWalls.com based in Richardson, TX. Susan shared some very helpful and practical tips on WordPress Blogging and getting your message out via a variety of online channels. She showed her deep knowledge level AND her commitment to giving us personalized attention during the time we were together. It was a treat to learn from a real pro and I’m sure you would enjoy her insights as well. Tell her that George sent you her way. Thanx!!”

~ George Hendley

It’s all your fault!! I cannot find the words to thank you enough. You have THE gift of helping dreams come true! You make it easy. And real. And fun.”

~ Jean-ann Cooper

Last June, I presented 5 Ways To Make Blogging SUPER Fun And SUPER EZ at DFW Rocks Social Media. It was a BLAST. Since then, I’ve been asked to produce this same presentation as a webinar, Back by popular demand, I’m sharing it with YOU on January 28. Don’t worry if you can’t make it, all registrants will get the recorded webinar.

Most people don’t blog because they don’t understand why it matters, and they don’t understand what they COULD be sharing in it.

That’s exactly what this presentation focuses on, and I can’t wait to share it with you! Register today.

  • Discover the ONE technique that will have you cranking out GREAT content FAST
  • Learn the secrets the pros use to attract high paying customers to YOU
  • I’ll reveal the 5 simple methods you can start using right away to create content people can’t wait to share on social media.

Blogging well will improve absolutely everything else about your business.

No joke. It’s a communication tool of the highest caliber. It’s time to quit calling it blogging, and start calling it your digital news.

Register today and learn how to make it work for you on January 28.

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