Are People Clamoring to or Running Away From Your Sales Pages?

The Richardson CopywriterFirst of all, how would you know? If you say analytics, you’re partially right – but most business owners do not have a firm handle on their analytics, and lack the data necessary to really dig into website visitor behavior. If they’re leaving your sales pages, here’s what you should know.

Sales pages are not considered ‘content.’ They don’t play by the same rules AT ALL. Sales pages – services, products, author and speaker pages – should be considered copy, not content. Content refers to your blog:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Branded images
  • Branded infographics
  • Blog text

And content is also your email newsletter communication, your social media updates and information products people download for free. Content is breadcrumbs to your copy – where the real work gets done. Copy has ONE purpose, to close the deal. And here’s where you might be dropping the ball. Follow this link to listen to this post.

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Effective copy will make your website visitor think that if they don’t pick up the phone and call you right away, press the ‘buy now’ button or give you their email address – they have just made the biggest mistake of their lives.

So if they’re running away from your copy, you’re missing out on the valuable revenue generator your website should be to your small company today.


You may think your message is clear, but you have only 30 seconds to get your point across. Logic in a busy world says ‘less is more,’ but when it comes to title choices and opening statements or claims, more descriptive language helps your reader understand more clearly how they benefit when they respond immediately. According to the Treehouse Blog, a simple language change increased their sign up rates by 200 % when they changed Free Trial to See Plans and Pricing, and reasoned that it took the fear of commitment away.


Yeah, I know, right? Who wouldn’t like YOU? Well, that’s not what I meant to imply.

Use the language of your customer. I talk about this everywhere I’m invited to speak. Largely, we fail here, overly concerned that we’ll lack professionalism if we use jargon or language our customers use. The result is often stiff and a little uncomfortable. But relationships are built on familiarity, and we should be going out of our way to use our written copy to sound exactly like the voice that’s already in their heads! (You need in on that conversation!)

Immediate Impact

Much like clarity, we have to deliver quickly. They’ll move on. Each sentence you write must be to get them to read the next one, and so on. That title better be direct, evoke an emotion, and make them curious about what’s coming next.

Missing Out

Friends, I’m not kidding. We have to be strong here. Scarcity and loss evasion are hard core tactics, and you need to start figuring out how to engage a customer or client with the notion that your offer won’t be around forever, and most certainly won’t be around at that price forever.

Is ‘everyone doing it’? Well, make sure no one misses an opportunity to dive in. We love to be a part of a presumed community, that’s why social media is so popular.

The bottom line here, friends, is that if your audience is running away from your copy, you’re simply not holding their attention long enough or driving them all the way home. And sometimes, they just don’t see the value. This is where real marketing skill comes into play. Spend uninterrupted time truly considering the value you’re offering, and get a second opinion about that copy direction. As a matter of fact, I’m offering a FREE evaluation on ONE page of your copy if you go to my Facebook page and post the url of your page in question along with your presumed challenge. I’m happy to take a look at it for you and give you some free advice on how to improve it.

It’s time to tune up that copy and close those sales! Meet you on my Facebook page!

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