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Does Your One Small Voice Make a Difference?

Butch Bellah Quote.What keeps you working at your dream?

It’s been a long week. You’ve been busting your tail to take care of the family and your business – some of you even have a full or part-time job while you work on your dream. Sometimes, it’s all you can do to finish that last task, am I right?

Did Saturday morning find you with still more to do? A few straggling details from last week that you’ll spend your early morning on?

It won’t always be like that, you know. You’ve been swimming upstream for a long time. You’ve been willing to do the hard stuff. You’ve been taking your training seriously, and even though sometimes life gets in the way, you always manage to push yourself a little harder to make a difference. Read More →

How Many Conversations Does It Take To Make A Sale?

Merry Christmas from The Richardson Copywriter!It could take up to nine interactions, or touch points, with your prospect before a sale is actually made. Great sales people know ‘No’ means ‘Not right now.’

Trouble is, many small business owners and entrepreneurs don’t see themselves as sales people.

We tend to think people will search for us online when they need us and ‘voila!’ a sale is made.

I think that’s why we have such a disconnect between our content and the actual sales conversation. Listen in. Read More →

What Do Video Games Have To Do With Your Business?

Everybody is playing video games, do you? I, personally, don’t, and like many of you my age and older – tend to think of video games as an egregious waste of time.

I just learned something last week that totally woke me up from my self-righteous ‘why-are-you-wasting-so-much-time’ attitude, and made me recognize some things we all need to open our eyes about in our businesses or we’re going to get into some serious trouble.

We may not like change, but we’re foolish to ignore trends – especially when we can miss out so big. Riding those trends like a boss is the difference between change and progress.  Read More →

Common SEO Errors, And How They Affect Your Business

As I share with you frequently, your content is the major player here. You have to set yourself apart, and your searchers need a ‘value prop’ – but let’s be clear, no one is deciding to just check out your blog today. Or your website, for that matter. Do YOU ever just decide to go read someone’s business blog?

What’s more likely:

  • A need got you searching, or
  • You saw an interesting title or intro that got your attention on social media.

Watch this short video from Google, and then let’s talk a little about it.

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My Friendly Response To Matt Cutts on SEO Myths

I LOVE how easy it is to understand Matt Cutts. Why not learn SEO from the master, right? After watching the video below, I had to respond. Optimizing for search has my attention because my clients are concerned about it. They’ve heard this and they’ve heard that, and many of them walk around in circles after spending large dollars on conferences trying to understand all the nuances involved. My heart goes out to them.

Quick question before we proceed. If you do everything right and your website has all the SEO factors neatly tied up and maintained regularly, but the only calls you get are from tire kickers and price checkers – is it effective for you?

So many people want their websites and blogs to be ‘SEO’d and they don’t really understand what that means. Follow Matt Cutts on YouTube and you’ll easily stay informed. You can do that from the video below.

Basically, SEO is content-centric. I’ve been teaching local business owners all over America how to do this for years. These days, I’m also teaching speakers, coaches and authors to attract the audiences they desire by creating interesting content and then deploying it in the areas that best benefit those audiences.

And let’s not forget: your landing page content won’t be found by your ideal customer without great content driving THEM there. What good is a lot of robotic attention drawing a lot of attention from people who really aren’t interested? Is it a numbers game? Yes, but not for reasons you think.

Now, Matt is so friendly, and such an expert communicator. But I want you to watch what he DIDN’T say. Particularly about AdWords. Let’s watch this using that very uncommon, common sense, and then read my response below.

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