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Focus Content For Better Results

Our biggest mistake in business is small thinking. We tend to think bigger things will happen ‘when.’ This is your chance to LEAP over the imaginary ‘when’ brick wall.

The Richardson Copywriter - Focused Content Gets Better Results

This list of questions should help you develop a consistent, interesting and impactful (isn’t that what we all want?) editorial calendar you actually get excited to accomplish.

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Sharing The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned

Content Creation on The Richardson Copywriter.The single most important rule-of-thumb I’ve learned to follow when I create my editorial calendar is … *drumroll* …

Keep It SIMPLE. Divide your year into four quarters and stay on ONE topic for each quarter. Then simply divide your months into more focused aspects of that ONE topic.

Here’s why that’s such valuable information for the highly-paid coach and consultant – or any other business that wants to develop authority in the marketplace.

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