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Networking, growing your business, referrals, social business.Get up, rub the sleep out of our eyes, spend a little time reading with a cup of coffee and it’s time to start the day. Maybe you work out before you shower and get dressed, I do.

We get into whatever routine we’ve developed over the years to get started, and the day is instantly full. Any thought you had earlier of starting that new line or new direction is suddenly going to be put off until tomorrow, after all …

it just can’t happen today.

What? Networking lunch? That now seems silly. And social media, who has time for THAT? The phone hasn’t quit ringing, and you’ve just spent the last two hours talking to people who were really only interested in the lowest price for your services or items in your store. You’re NOT the cheapest price around, so they went on to another. You can’t afford to miss new work to go talk to people.

If that sounds familiar, HOLD THE PHONE!! Listen in or read more here.

There are two types of customers out there, and you might be after the WRONG one.

Customer #1 is all about price checking. In the end, it’s not about how great your extras are or that they can trust you or that you have 20 years of experience. This customer just wants the bottom line. All of us have a little of this guy in us!Networking, social business, grow your business, referrals.

Customer #2 knows that if the work gets done, and doesn’t get done right, it will cost more in the long run. Customer #2 likes a 500 thread count and a Bradford White water heater with a 10-year warranty on parts and labor.

A few more things about these customers:

Customer # 1 will probably stand over you and complain about everything in order to get additional price breaks.

Customer #2 wants you to be able to work independently, is happy to tip an exceptional job, and will tell everybody what a great job you did. Oh, and you’ll get paid on time.

Question: If you’re busy catering to Customer #1 because it takes all your time to do so, how will you meet Customer #2?

Better Question: How can you meet Customer #2?

Customer # 2 is probably a referral from another Customer #2. Customer #2 probably looked online to check you out after talking to the first Customer #2, and found a ton of great information on your blog. #2 decided to trust you because you obviously know what you are talking about, and have a very ‘hands-on’ approach to your company. Where did that idea come from? Your blog and social presence.

Networking, growing your business, referrals, social business.Customer #1 knows if you have a thriving social media business page, you may charge more because you may have additional employees to do that for you. Remember when you knew that if you looked for a company in the Yellow Pages, you could expect higher rates? Does anyone still look in the Yellow Pages? Customer #1 will, because if you have a page ad, you will be avoided.

So how did that social page get so much attention? And how did Customer #2 meet the second Customer #2?

Great referrals come from networking with the right groups.

Networking puts a face on a company. It gives you an opportunity to meet referral resources – people – just like you, that want to grow their businesses and are willing to get out and meet people to do it. No, the people you meet at networking meetings are probably not your customer, but they may become one. If they believe in you because they’ve met you and liked you and trusted you, they will share your name when someone asks. AND they’ll connect with you on social media.

People do business with people they know, like and trust. Especially Customer #2. Going after the right customer will save you HOURS a week, elevate your reputation for VALUE, and broaden your perspective as an effective business owner who makes easier money faster.

Tip: Focus your blog content on things Customer #2 wants to know, and casually share with people at networking meetings what you were just sharing on your blog. Invite them to join your FREE newsletter.

Word gets around.

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