Time to Update Your Copy

HaventHadYourBestDayYetWhen’s the last time you took a good hard look at your copy? Great copy is the ONLY way you’ll close a sale online, and because of its convincing nature, it needs to be revised to reflect current ‘human speak’ rather frequently.

Copy is language that should be found on your sales pages – that’s your services, product, author and speaker pages. It should be written to specifically guide your website visitor to call for an appointment immediately, press the ‘buy’ button, or sign up for your download or email newsletter. The FIRST thing you should do when you review your copy, is to see if it compels you to do those things. If it’s not strong enough, you have a problem.

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Ineffective copy is the #2 reason people can’t close online, the #1 reason is because people can’t find it. That’s what a blog is for. Your blog should be dropping breadcrumbs right to your sales copy. I talk about how to do that frequently at events and meetings where I’m invited to speak to business groups. Contact me if you are interested in a presentation or workshop on this topic.

I don’t mean to suggest that strong copy alone is enough. Strong copy that doesn’t speak directly to my needs is just barking. Great copy gets in my head, it paints a story and reflects my emotional encounter with it.

And that emotional encounter starts with the title and topic sentence. You have less than 3 seconds to convince me to continue to stay on the page. Your Google analytics calls this a bounce rate. If you lead people to the page, but they bounce right off of it, consider another approach on your sales page. You want a bounce rate below 30%.

Questions about how you can improve your copy? Reach out to me on my Facebook page and share the url of the page you want me to look at along with your question. I’ll give you a free evaluation and some tips you can use right away.

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