What Do Video Games Have To Do With Your Business?

Everybody is playing video games, do you? I, personally, don’t, and like many of you my age and older – tend to think of video games as an egregious waste of time.

I just learned something last week that totally woke me up from my self-righteous ‘why-are-you-wasting-so-much-time’ attitude, and made me recognize some things we all need to open our eyes about in our businesses or we’re going to get into some serious trouble.

We may not like change, but we’re foolish to ignore trends – especially when we can miss out so big. Riding those trends like a boss is the difference between change and progress.  This gamer generation is actually learning valuable traits, and if we understand them and start to see our commonalities, we’ll all benefit – not evaporate.

Because in fact, we’re all gamers. We make games out of everything. Driving down the highway, we position ourselves and rate ourselves and others as we hurry to our destinations.

We give ourselves ‘points’ for getting things done and accomplishing goals. And it’s not just men. 50% of women are active gamers, and they are bringing these mindsets to work with them.

What does that mean for your small business? Watch this, I think you’ll find it eye-opening.

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