Put Your Game Faces on And Win at Content Creation

Last week I introduced you to gamification, the overall idea and prescription for the intense need we have to turn everything into a game.

Monica Cornetti has been taking the corporate world by storm internationally, and the moment I heard her message I knew I had to share it with YOU.

WHY? Because I believe so strongly in the American backbone. One nation, under God. WE the people, and all of that. I’m intensely idealistic, and I guess that makes me ridiculous, too. But I’ve seen a few things in my life, and so have YOU. We know how hard it is to make a difference, but we choose to act, regardless of the impending struggle.

Knowledge is power, and we need to be ready with our game faces on to do everything we can with everything we’ve got. And STILL have families and enjoy spending time with them.

Not only that, but it’s messy. Nothing about our lives in business is neat and tidy.

So we turn things into games and work through it all, expecting answers. Expecting better. Expecting to learn from our experiences, and occasionally running through the Braum’s drive through for a double dip, turtle brownie sundae. A reward. Well deserved.

The Richardson Copywriter focus for the rest of the year is CONTENT. How to develop it, how to use it, how to learn from it and educate others about our services with it. How to make it better than a communication, but instead, a dialog with our audiences that improves everything we do in business.

How does this whole gamification idea impact our online efforts? How does this notion tie into our content? Listen in, it’s new, it’s refreshing, and will change your attitude forever.

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