One day I woke up.

It’s the story of my life! And it’s a good story. Friend, if you’re on this page, it’s because you’re starting to wonder why your life in business isn’t going ‘as planned’. I did the same thing several years ago. I finally got help.

Susan Hamilton, Business CoachYou didn’t pick the easy road, or the cheap road, or the fast money road. Many highly successful business owners, like Direct Marketing Genius Dan Kennedy and others, will laugh and tell you it took them several years to become an overnight success. There’s nothing easy, cheap, or fast about building a solid, legacy company that continues to produce.

But it CAN be easIER, LESS expensive, and fastER than you’re doing it now. You have to make tough decisions, and you have to strike while the iron is hot with smart ways to generate the highest profit possible.

Working with a business coach helped me see the perspective I was missing. And it hasn’t ended. I don’t expect it ever will, because that’s the experience of excellence. ALWAYS have someone pouring into you, because you’ll always be pouring yourself out.

I’ve worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes all over America. As co-owner of a national full-service marketing agency, I worked with entrepreneurs and organizations to develop websites, website marketing strategies, and print media campaigns and then support those efforts with content development, management, social media and email marketing strategies. When you work with me, you prepare yourself for the success you’re looking for with the ‘inside advantage’ I bring to the table.

Start seeing results right away when you work with me to develop and execute a successful plan of action!

I won’t guarantee my coaching programs, because they only work if YOU do. But if you qualify, my terms are reasonable and my schedule is workable. After filling out my application, I’ll reach out to you within 48 business hours and we’ll decide – together – whether to work in a group session, one-on-one, Skype, private Hangout or a combination of them all.

Many of my clients move on to be health coaches, business coaches, consultants and otherwise develop authority in their space. Give me a half-hour of your time, and I’ll give you a new perspective on your business. You’ll start looking at your situation more powerfully. I love to help you put together a plan that attracts higher paying customers in a manner that allows you to enjoy your family, support an organization you feel passionate about, and live the life you were created to live! Apply here today.

If you require immediate assistance on a consultant level to get you over a particular obstacle, please check out my Consulting page.