For Business Groups, Chambers, Community Groups and Non Profits

When I went back into business in the fall of 2013, I knew the name I had chosen for my business was true to my life and accurately reflected the overall message I wanted to reach my audience.

Leaping Walls Consulting & Services is all about helping American small business LEAP over the brick walls that might be holding them back in business. Brick walls in business often revolve around three things: marketing, management, and sales.

Over time, the processes we’ve depended on for these areas become dulled by routine, or clouded by ‘fluff’ because we’ve failed to fully implement what we’ve learned.

I share several messages that will empower your group to reach their full potential, because ultimately, when our business communities are aware and excited about progressive impact, our world is improved. It’s easier than you think, and these topics help your audience  understand both ‘why’ and ‘how’ – to start immediately.

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5 Ways To Make Blogging SUPER Easy –

Susan Hamilton teaching at DFW Rocks Social Media 2014I’ll teach you how to develop effective messages that resonate with your audience.

You’re probably over-thinking it. Discover how the experts roll out blogs with ease. By the time this presentation is over, you’ll develop your first post and have a clear plan to develop a strategy for the entire year.

5 Things Businesses and Non Profits MUST Know For Effective Email Campaigns –

Did you know email marketing is the #1 most effective strategy to generate quality leads, more than social media? An email subscriber has given you permission to talk about your business in their inbox, and if you learn how to be effective in this area, you’ll develop long-term customer loyalty resulting in sales, donations, votes and shares you’ve only imagined.

Here’s what you need to know to earn their trust.

“WINNING!” The Lies Drugs Tell Your Employees, And Why You Can’t Afford To Ignore It –

Think Charlie Sheen was lying when he said he was ‘winning?’ At the time, he didn’t think so.

If you suspect your employees or technicians are using drugs, it’s time to have a reality check. The deception is cruel and deep – and you need to know what you’re up against so you can make wise decisions. Learn what you can do – in addition to drug testing – to develop a drug-free culture in your organization.

Take The Handcuffs Off! Make More Money So You Can Make A Difference. What Your Community REALLY Needs, Is You

Does your life feel like it’s all about the next buck? Do you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel, never really able to do the things you want to do? When you got into business, you dreamed of financial freedom and being in charge of your destiny. You may feel like your hands are cuffed, but you really have more power than you think you do. It’s time to break free. This presentation will restore your vision and empower your group to make a difference – TODAY.

Changing Lives: Hiring From The Ex-offender Community, What You Need To Know

80% of small businesses in America are family-owned businesses of 9 employees or less. If you stand in your living room, 2 homes in every direction are directly impacted by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. What do these facts have in common? We’re too busy and too broke to be aware of legislation that concerns our families, communities and churches. We are NOT a safer community when every crime is a felony, leaving little hope for employment. Hiring an ex-offender has its challenges, but if you’re willing to be armed with information, you’ll change the life of a family for the generational good. THAT is a safer community.