Are People Clamoring to or Running Away From Your Sales Pages?

The Richardson CopywriterFirst of all, how would you know? If you say analytics, you’re partially right – but most business owners do not have a firm handle on their analytics, and lack the data necessary to really dig into website visitor behavior. If they’re leaving your sales pages, here’s what you should know.

Sales pages are not considered ‘content.’ They don’t play by the same rules AT ALL. Sales pages – services, products, author and speaker pages – should be considered copy, not content. Content refers to your blog:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Branded images
  • Branded infographics
  • Blog text

And content is also your email newsletter communication, your social media updates and information products people download for free. Content is breadcrumbs to your copy – where the real work gets done. Copy has ONE purpose, to close the deal. And here’s where you might be dropping the ball. Follow this link to listen to this post.

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Time to Update Your Copy

HaventHadYourBestDayYetWhen’s the last time you took a good hard look at your copy? Great copy is the ONLY way you’ll close a sale online, and because of its convincing nature, it needs to be revised to reflect current ‘human speak’ rather frequently.

Copy is language that should be found on your sales pages – that’s your services, product, author and speaker pages. It should be written to specifically guide your website visitor to call for an appointment immediately, press the ‘buy’ button, or sign up for your download or email newsletter. The FIRST thing you should do when you review your copy, is to see if it compels you to do those things. If it’s not strong enough, you have a problem.

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How To Leverage Networking

North Dallas Networking GroupWho knows you?

Do you skip attending networking groups because there’s always something more important to do? You need to know that if you DON’T prioritize your business community, you’ll miss experiences like:

  • Learning to speak for additional business profits,
  • Discovering who you would trust as a referral if a person you know has a need,
  • And becoming a trusted referral and recognized brand.

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Focus Content For Better Results

Our biggest mistake in business is small thinking. We tend to think bigger things will happen ‘when.’ This is your chance to LEAP over the imaginary ‘when’ brick wall.

The Richardson Copywriter - Focused Content Gets Better Results

This list of questions should help you develop a consistent, interesting and impactful (isn’t that what we all want?) editorial calendar you actually get excited to accomplish.

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Does Your One Small Voice Make a Difference?

Butch Bellah Quote.What keeps you working at your dream?

It’s been a long week. You’ve been busting your tail to take care of the family and your business – some of you even have a full or part-time job while you work on your dream. Sometimes, it’s all you can do to finish that last task, am I right?

Did Saturday morning find you with still more to do? A few straggling details from last week that you’ll spend your early morning on?

It won’t always be like that, you know. You’ve been swimming upstream for a long time. You’ve been willing to do the hard stuff. You’ve been taking your training seriously, and even though sometimes life gets in the way, you always manage to push yourself a little harder to make a difference. Read More →