Can YOU Make Money While You Sleep?

Key - Unlock Your Potentialwith Leaping Walls Consulting & Services.It’s totally ridiculous to think you could make money while you sleep.

I mean, investments work while you’re sleeping, of course, but all those claims about making money without DOING anything are absolutely a sham.

That’s the knee-jerk response many have to claims that money can be made while you sleep.

But in the age of internet marketing and instant global markets that NEVER sleep, what if ignoring the possibilities was the dumbest thing you ever did? Read More →

Are You Headed In The Right Direction?

Fail faster to success! The Richardson Copywriter.

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For those of you wondering if you’re really on the right path, and think that missing key elements and processes may be proof that you’re somehow a failure, and just wasting time on something that will bear no profit – I hope you know that’s a load of garbage.

If you fail, you’ve just been schooled – and now you’re ready for the next step! YAAY!! You CAN’T win if you don’t fail!

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

– Michael Jordan

My new subscribers are getting my FREE High Octane Social Media Profile Checklist For RESULTS.  Friends, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with this stuff, but my goal is to break it down for you in manageable steps.

YOU are a success story. YOU have an assignment given by the Creator that only YOU can fulfill. Do not mistake failure with going the wrong direction. The only real winners in this life of business are the ones who continue to hone their skills. I want you to become excellent communicators. This social media profile checklist will help you with the basics as you learn, one platform at a time. Especially for those with little experience on social media, make sure you sign up today so you can make a bigger impact with your brand this year. I believe in you!

Let’s Quit Calling It Blogging

Susan Hamilton presenting at DFW Rocks Social Media.Have YOU ever purchased from someone because of what you read on their blog?

Since 2006 I’ve been blogging for local and national audiences all over our great country.

When my sister Shari and I went into business together in 2007 to open a national, full-service marketing agency, it was during a pivotal time in digital marketing history.

People had just learned that they could not only have a website built, but have it show up in search results, too.

We knew that the average local small business owner was skeptical of this, and we knew we would have to charge fees they wouldn’t understand to do the job for them well.

Our iron-clad, seal-the-deal proposals had proof that what we offered would not only work, but continue to improve. At the time, we thought there was only one way to do that, and only one thing we needed to gain our valuable clients’ continued trust. Analytics and reporting. NO one else offered that at the level we were offering it to the smaller business sector we were offering it to.

We reported to our clients everything we had done the prior month and the results they achieved from those efforts. We reported any of our concerns and recommendations going forward, and we gave them a list of things they could do to promote themselves and get the most out of what we were doing.

They loved it! And we got results. But scouring our analytics one day, we began to recognize something else …

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Sharing The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned

Content Creation on The Richardson Copywriter.The single most important rule-of-thumb I’ve learned to follow when I create my editorial calendar is … *drumroll* …

Keep It SIMPLE. Divide your year into four quarters and stay on ONE topic for each quarter. Then simply divide your months into more focused aspects of that ONE topic.

Here’s why that’s such valuable information for the highly-paid coach and consultant – or any other business that wants to develop authority in the marketplace.

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